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Graz and Styria

Do you want to see more of Austria and not be limited to Vienna only?

Are you a (big) chocolate lover and connoisseur?

Would you like to plunge into the Middle Ages with its features, traditions and stories about extraordinary personalities of that time?

And finally, it is interesting for you to visit the Renaissance city, the capital of one of the most beautiful Austrian lands of Styria, the city - an innovator in modern architecture ...

If you can answer "yes" to all, or almost all of the questions, then I invite you on an exciting trip to Styria, the "green lung" of Austria!

A varied themed journey awaits us, and we will begin it with a visit to the medieval castle of Riegersburg.

This castle has been invincible for many centuries, but we will "take" it in 90 seconds by elevator :)

And then get ready to plunge into medieval times, the times of the Inquisition and the insecurity of women who were so easy to accuse of witchcraft. You will find fascinating stories about the former and current owners of the castle, about traditions and customs, and much more.

Shaking off the burden of that time, in a few minutes we reach the Austrian Zotter Chocolate Factory - the most innovative chocolate factory in the world! Josef Zotter, an Austrian confectioner and tireless inventor of new types of chocolate, is experimenting with seemingly incompatible products. For example, chocolate with fried cracklings and nuts :)

Factory Zotter is an eldorado of chocolate !!! Armed with spoons, you can taste more than a hundred varieties of chocolate and delve into the process of its creation and production.

Having tasted a lot of chocolate, we will go to the city of Graz.

Graz is the second largest city in Austria, with its own unique charm, combining the architectural heritage of the Renaissance era and modern trends in architecture. The city center has been declared a UNESCO heritage site as the largest medieval center in Europe. Climbing Mount Schlossberg, which Napoleon was never able to capture, a panorama of the entire city and its environs will open before us.

After wandering around the city, tired but full of impressions, taking with us a piece of Styria into our heart, we set off back to Vienna.

10 hours

300 € *

* The cost of the excursion does not include transport. Transport (minibus with driver) costs 30 € / hour.

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