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  • Светлана Косаченко

The Dachstein Mountain Massif - the Pearl of the Austrian Alps

The Dachstein mountain massif is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a mountain plateau with glaciers, where you can climb by cable car. Incredible spectacles open from a height of 2 thousand meters!

Despite the June temperatures (+27°C / 81°F), there is still a lot of snow on the plateau and alpine flowers are already growing. From the panoramic platform "5 fingers" you can see the world-famous city of Hallstatt and other towns located at the foot of the mountain on the shore of a wonderful clean lake, where ships for vacationers float like white swans on the blue water surface.

Visitors to Austria often combine Vienna and Salzburg for one day when planning their itinerary. I always have regret because to go around and miss the opportunity to see firsthand the beauty and uniqueness of this region seems to me a big omission.

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