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Testimonials of my clients

Нина Дименко   Израиль

октябрь 2021

Вот уже 2 недели, как мы вернулись из Вены. Мы, это я  - пенсионерка 74 лет и моя дочь 37 лет.  Были мы в Вене 3 дня, но мы еще не уехали, она живет в нас, возвращается воспоминаниями, ощущениями. И. конечно, большое место в нашем сердце занимает Светлана, наш безупречный гид, интеллигентный и добрый человек. Без ее экскурсий по Вене, глубоких рассказов об истории, великих правителях, о незабываемой архитектуре (классической и современной).  А походы по музеям - это отдельное удовольствие. Я сама очень люблю искусство и была приятно удовлетворена  знаниями, умением  подать материал,. А это классика в музее истории искусств. А это незабываемый Густав  Климт и художник  и а  архитектор Хундервассер. Вот этот багаж мы с дочкой привезли из Вены И все благодаря  Светлане. От всей души советую всем, кто попадет в Вену встретиться с гидом  Светланой. Эта встреча обогатит вас.

Marina, Sergey, Liba  Israel

July 2021

We would like to split our review "into three". It so happened that there are three generations in our family (up to 18, up to 50, up to 65). The common denominator says a lot.

Marina (mother): I want to thank Svetlana for the wonderful and relaxed excursions in Vienna and the Vienna Woods. I personally have never attached importance to historical events and facts. I am more attracted by the appearance of architectural structures and monuments. But on the excursions with Sveta, I realized one simple thing: each stone, each fragment, each detail has its own life and history.
I am very grateful to Sveta for the new impressions that have opened up for me personally. I wish we had allocated more time for excursions and communication with SUPER-guide Svetlana.
I really hope for new meetings.

Sergey (dad):
I have little to add, I got great pleasure from the excursions and communication with Sveta. Awesome guide and person!

Liba (daughter):

I really liked it! I didn't expect it to be so interesting. I got a competent answer to every question. It was amazingly good. Thank you so much for everything you saw and heard. It's a shame that we have given so little time for this. 

Oksana, Oslo Norway

february 2020

Many thanks to our guide Svetlana. I ordered the excursion in advance, for a group of seven people. Svetlanochka took into account all our wishes. The tour was a combo, we walked around the old town for more than an hour, the rest of the time we passed with stops by car. We managed to cover a lot in 4 hours. I highly recommend this excursion for those who come only for the weekend and want to embrace the immense during this time. Svetlana presented the information very competently and professionally. We were very satisfied. I will recommend to my friends

Larisa and Sergey, Moscow

january 2020

Good day! We express our gratitude to the wonderful guide Svetlana for interesting, informative and cozy days in Vienna! From the first minutes, we felt very comfortable in her company, at ease and with pleasure went on an amazing journey through the most interesting places of the city. Slowly and thoroughly, we got acquainted with Vienna, its history, parks and palaces, as well as with some aspects of the life of the Austrians themselves. From Svetlana's smile and her benevolence, the sun appeared even in the gloomy January sky of Vienna! And of course, many thanks for organizing the transfer to the hotel, visiting the Vienna Opera, advice on choosing a restaurant to celebrate your birthday! Svetlana - A wonderful person in a beautiful city!

Victor, Moscow

january 2020

Sveta, thank you very much for the excursion. Everything was very cool despite the snow.

Olga and Yuri, Belgorod

December 2019

Many thanks to Svetlana for her knowledge, erudition, immersion in the material, rich program. Awesome!

Yana, Dnipro

september 2019

We were in Vienna with a family with friends from 25 to 29 September 2019 and, thanks to Svetlana, fell in love with Austria. Sveta organized us a combi tour of Vienna, Vienna Woods, Salzburg. Professionally! Very interesting! I figured out how we can save money on a transfer to Salzburg! And agreed on a good price for the transfer to the airport! I will definitely recommend Sveta to all my friends!

Alla, Kiyv

june 2019

I want to thank Svetlana for our great bright excursion around Vienna in June 2019. It was a birthday present for me :) Despite the hot weather, we had a really cool time. As if the guide took the black and white coloring and painted it with bright colors, revived the picture. Not just a palace, but what was very interesting there. Not just a bas-relief, but why it is and what it means. Why the emperor loved his wife so much, and why so many people love and remember her. What is in the story about Mozart is fiction and what is true. Sveta saved me time reading dozens of books about Austria and Vienna, telling many stories and revealing secrets. I am very grateful, thank you, Sveta. With greetings from Kiev, and with hope for new meetings with you and Vienna. Alla and Sasha.

Alena, Kiev

Berezen 2019

Svitlano, very good for the excursion! To build a strong wind without letting us see the hospitality and calmness of the Week. Being already at the same place in the whole Kazak city, the employees of you, we knew a lot of new and tsikavi. Chotiri years of excursions missed, as one mity! We are in the seizure of your majesty and love for the right!

Julia, Kharkiv

August, 2018

Svetlana, thank you very much for your professionalism, intelligence, level of knowledge and excellent organization of excursions! It was your calm narration and excellent presentation of information that allowed us to remember everything that you told about Vienna. Thanks to you, we were able to see in Vienna not only a European capital with a rich imperial past and beautiful architecture, but also a wonderful comfortable city that lives and works for the benefit of people.
Thank you for your restaurant recommendations! :) You have great taste!
Special thanks for the excellent organization of the transfer to the hotel and the airport.
Thank you, Svetlana, for a pleasant and memorable experience! Hope to come again

Elena, Moscow

april 2018

Svetlana is a wonderful guide! He knows perfectly both the history and culture of the country. He delivers information easily and easily. She was very attentive, none of our questions remained unanswered, all our wishes were taken into account. We were with Svetlana on two excursions and the desire to continue communication remained. It would be great pleasure to meet with her again. I'm sure she knows a lot more than she could tell us. She also infected us with her love for Vienna. For this she is very grateful !!!! We recommend Svetlana to everyone !!!

Elena, Kiev

january 2018

Very interesting excursions. Thank you very much Svetlana!

Natalka Makarenko, Zhitomir

chest 2017

With the light in us there were two excursions "Vidensky Lis" and last for the day. Our prices have been honored even more - weighed, informative, tsikavo.
Svitlana a beautiful guid, showed Viden so that I was stuck in a new state!

Natalia Lelekova, St. Petersburg

december 2017

We spontaneously decided to celebrate a corporate party in Vienna and you, Svetlana, organized it for us in a wonderful way !!!
2 days were SUCH mega saturated !!! We managed to see a lot (but of course not enough, because one day in Vienna is not enough !!)
A hot air balloon flight over the snow-capped Alps is just the peak of delight and wonderful emotions !! All 8 people (including me) were not just satisfied, but we all recommended you to friends and will definitely return to Vienna, to Austria, because you "infected" us with Vienna))
Variety theater is something !! It was breathtaking)
On organization, I would put it 10 out of 10! :)
And even more in terms of knowledge (I want to note that many later said that you are very erudite and well-read, whatever you ask, you know everything!)
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, it's a pleasure to work with you, everything is on time, everything is on schedule, the hotel is excellent, Russian-speaking drivers and in general we had no problems!
You gave us an unforgettable holiday !!!!

Marina, Moscow

november 2017

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Svetlana for the impeccable organization of the Vienna weekend for such a large (50 people) and capricious company. Svetlana was able to convey her love for this beautiful city to us, and her vast historical knowledge amazed the most demanding and curious listeners. Looking forward to new meetings and best wishes!

Olena Turevich, London

spring 2017

Svitlana! With great warmth and youthfulness, our excursion day at Vidnі at your supervisor's in serpnі 2014! Your high professionalism and knowledge, multiplied by your wonderful light character, is the key to your success! All of our company will be very grateful to you for the wonderful mood, wonderful excursion and friendly atmosphere. ALL RECOMMENDED!

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